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Is This Vegan Cookie Worth The Hype?

venic coe

The Venice Cookie Co. Has been making edibles since 2008. We decided to give “The Hippie” Oatmeal Granola & Trail Mix 500 mg a try. This cookie is there second strongest cookie available, they also offer a 1000 mg version called “The Elvis” for more advanced users.

venice cooks.PNG

Venice Cookie Co. offers premium products with quality ingredients. This is one reason I wanted to try this cookie, the fact that it was a healthy alternative to other edibles filled with hi fructose corn syrup and other junk ingredients. The cookie retails for $25.00.

For the health conscious user please note that the ingredients include Flour, oats, wheat, milk soy, and peanuts. 

It is also important to note that those unfamiliar with high potency medicinal products to start with an extremely low dose.  This product is for experienced consumers only!

Opening the package you can immediately smell the cannabis. This cookie is very potent. When biting into the cookie you can also taste the weed right away it is very overbearing and tastes like Cannabis. The back of the package recommends starting out with 1/10 of the cookie, and then eating some more 2 hours later. I decided to eat half the cookie approximately 250 mg.

Approximately two hours later this extremely potent edible kicked in full force! Slow build up followed by a very intense, long lasting body and head high. I knocked out and slept like a baby that night.


Overall this cookie gets a 3.5 out of 5 Weed&Brew Review here’s why:

Pros: Healthy ingredients, vegan, extremely potent

Cons: Taste, they were not able to hide the weed into the flavor very well.


The Venice Cookie Co.



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