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FlavRx Gummies, Are These Best For Beginners? #edibles


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Sour gummy apple rings infused with cannabis

  • Come with 10 pieces in each pack.
  • Net weight of 8.0 g.
  • Retail for $20.00


Each piece is infused with a micro does of 25mg of THC. These candies taste best when eaten individually. They are sugary and sweet with a heavy cannabis after taste. Eat a few and wait about 2 hours before they kick in.

These sour gummy candies are not very potent.  They are a really good choice for beginners and people new to the world of eating edibles.  If you are new to eating edibles I suggest eating 2 pieces max within a two hour period.

Do not underestimate them, and eat them all at once (that would be a big mistake). They will definitely produce a calm and mellow body high that will leave you very relaxed for 2-3+ hours.


Product ingredients: corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, lactic acid, citric acid, sorbitol, natural and artificial flavors, fumaric acid, titanium dioxide, yellow #5

Active ingredient: Cannabis oil

Overall these FlavRx apple rings get a 3 out of 5 Weed&Brew Review here’s why:

Pros: good value, easily concealable, potent

Cons: unhealthy ingredients including corn syrup and yellow 5, mild upset stomach

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