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Exclusive Inside Look At Lagunitas New Cannabis Infused Beer

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Craft Beer legend Lagunitas teams up with heavy hitting AbsoluteXtracts to launch two exciting new products. ‘SuperCritical’ Ale is a delightful combination that ultilizes Cannabis terpenes and brews it with Yakimas Finest Hops.

Hops make a wide array of terpenes, cannabis also makes a wide array of terpenes that hops do not. So this combination of Cannabis terpenes in beer opens a whole new world of flavors and aromas never tasted before.

vaper Although the beer will not contain thc, Supercritical will also be releasing vape cartridges that will feature exciting new flavors from Lagunita’s signature beer hop flavors!

For now SuperCritical will only be offered at select bars across California. Check back for our official review!

For a list of bars in California that carry SUPERCRITICAL 

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