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Is This The Best Disposable Vape Pen? #coachellafest #marijuana #weed #cannabis

elevate vape pen

We tried one of these new Elevate disposable vape pens filled with top shelf organic cannabis oil.

This watermelon flavor vape pen has 67.41% thc.

habit elevate

$30.00 for half a gram and $60.00 for the full gram

We like that the pen itself is heavy and well made with premium lab tested ingredients.

The pen comes ready to vape and includes a battery.

The cannabis oil is premium organic and  very potent.

We like that these pens are lab tested and are proven both chemical and pesticide free.

The watermelon flavor was light and smooth and you can easily take fat rips.

One thing I did not like, was that it had an electronic battery taste to it. It tasted like


smoking metal. I don’t get this metal taste with the 710 King Pen vape cartridges. 

I would much rather buy my own cannabis oil vape pen cartridge and pair it up

with a 510 thread battery back. The 510 thread battery packs are rechargeable meaning

you can just purchase a cannabis oil cartridge and pair it together with the universal 510

thread battery pack.

We give this disposable vape pen a 3 out of 5 Weed and Brew review

We like that It is convenient and comes ready to smoke.

We don’t like the taste. As the smoke has a metal after taste.




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